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K-pop group Le Serafim has set a date for the release of their new album.

The K-pop band Le Sserafim has announced when their new record, Unforgiven, will be released. On May 1, their record and a music video for their title song will be released.

As part of their comeback plan, they will share an album teaser, a few concept photos, a special Weverse photo set, a highlight medley, music video teasers, a countdown live, and then the album and music video.

They had already released a teaser for the record, which said, “Alone we wander, but together we adventure.” Unforgiven will be their first studio record since their first one, which came out in July 2022.

Their first record was called Fearless, and the song with the same name went on to be a huge hit that won them many awards.