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Rings of Power by Amazon didn’t hit the mark?

Amazon really pushed The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, even going so far as to compare it to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

After that, the first episode of the series started with a bang and got the most streams. Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said this was “a very culturally defining moment” for the company.

But the popularity of the show was questioned after it was over.

Now, a new study shows which goals the Tolkein show fell way short of.

The Hollywood Reporter said that 37% of people who watched The Rings of Power saw the whole thing. Also, 45 percent of the calls came from outside the United States.

Also, the show was not nominated for any big awards, except for one from SAG-AFTRA for its stunt ensemble.

In the meantime, the head of the company defended the success of the series.

“This desire to make the show look like anything other than a success doesn’t come from any conversation I’m having with myself,” she says, adding that the second season, which is currently being made, will have more dramatic plot twists. “That’s a great chance for us. “There was a lot of setting up to do in the first season,” Salke said.