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My dear leader

My salam to you

I hope you are ok. Just wanted to tell you, election has started and we have not seen you yet. Please come early, Biryani khayee hoyee dair ho gayee ha.

My later father told me that we had plans for visit to moon in 1950, 1960 and also in 1970 but could not go because all run-ways were occupied. Anyway, no big deal. We are short of clean water and food in our street. We live in interior Sind. Are you planning to come here? Ok, no issue, kisi Adhi ko bijwa dein, hamara masla koi itna bara nahi.

I am bit inquisitive about our next stop. We mounted on this train long time back but it is going and going and going. May I ask, where are we heading? I hope at least you know it. ? Anyway it is getting tough. Do get me Samosa and some tea at Sama Sata, which is our next stop. If we are continuing our journey towards same direction, at least change our bogies. .  

I am writing to tell you that, please continue with same spirit. We the people of Pakistan still have a lot energy. Politically things are getting ok, but slowly. Most of the issues have been sorted out and put back in racks. It has finally been decided that inflation is no big deal, neither is debt servicing. Budget deficit will be made through raise in electricity charges and some other measures. IMF is guiding us very well. They are genius guys. We have decided that, jobless youth still have lot of years to get old, so there is no hurry on that front. We can’t’ do much about climate hazards, nature will take its due course, so why to worry. We have reached ‘close end of the street’. So, no big worries, we have reached here many times, before as well. We know our next move; we will just turn back and make another try. We are not in a hurry.

New leadership is taking reigns of Pakistan very soon. Same old experienced guys but it in new package.  Things are cool otherwise. Fast food and social media are going hand in glove. Recent census have disclosed that we are now a nation of 240 million people, unfortunately, they did not count me and two of my friends, so bad. We are now in top ten populations of the world. After many years and efforts, our name is finally there in top 10 countries of the world. Lahore is No 1 city in pollution. Delhi is No 2.  Only thing short here is food and temperament.  Water is shrinking in rivers, agriculture is facing serious issues, and industry is close due to energy issues. Ladies are happy, there is no gas and food is coming from market. Media have outlived its utility, due to no fault of anybody else but themselves. Most of the issues we settle in our discussions on social media. It is almost a playground, everybody is playing with everybody.

Oh a big News, We are calculating how to reach semi-final of ongoing cricket world cup. Any Clues? Please do some thing. Babar Azam is good man. Also heard  about change of chief selector. Inzi has left and Afridi is in. Do you think, it is change or continuity? Waiting for your reply.

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