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Pakistan changes its money disclosure rules for visitors.

In an effort to modernise the declaration regime, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has changed the currency declaration requirements for travellers travelling to and from Pakistan.

The FBR’s SRO1751 of Customs, released on Tuesday, instructs entering passengers to declare amounts in excess of $10,000, and outgoing passengers to declare amounts in excess of $5,000.

According to Dawn, travellers can declare monies physically at the customs counter or online through the customs system. Passengers can also register declarations remotely via the WeBOC system, which is run online.

According to the publication, because the forms are available online, no travellers will be scrutinised when they pass through the green channels at Pakistan’s airports.

According to a Customs official, the FBR previously did not include the provision of money disclosure for travellers, but they have recently added it in line with best practises used by other countries.

Member Customs Mukarram Jah Ansari told Dawn that the new order will modernise the country’s regulation regulations because previously, passengers were had to declare even little amounts.

In India, incoming travellers must declare $5,000, but in the United Kingdom, both inbound and departing passengers must declare cash over $10,000