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Prepare yourselves, because a new season of “Squid Game” is coming out in November.

Get ready for the strange world of Squid Game, which is coming back with a big surprise. Netflix has said that the famous future drama will be back, but this time it will be a spin-off of a reality show. So get ready to play Squid Game: The Challenge.

According to Deadline, the next season will have 456 people compete in a number of non-lethal challenges for a staggering $4.56 million prize pool. Even though it’s not a life-or-death game like the ones that kept people on the edge of their seats, it looks like it will be just as exciting and stressful.

After Squid Game got into trouble earlier this year, the choice was made to change direction and turn it into a reality show. People were outraged when they heard that some of the games had been played in bad circumstances. No one missed the irony that people were complaining on a show about high-stakes survival.

In response to the uproar, Netflix decided to shake things up and start a new season where contestants can show off their skills and drive in a less dangerous setting. Still, because of the people who made Squid Game, viewers can expect a lot of changes, turns, and surprises that will keep them interested.

Netflix has said that Squid Game: The Challenge will come out in November, but they haven’t given a specific date. It’s been two years since the show came out in 2021 and caught the attention and interest of people all over the world. Squid Game quickly became one of Netflix’s most-watched shows because it had a unique mix of suspense, drama, and social criticism.

People who have failed at different things in their lives are suddenly asked to take part in a survival game with an amazing prize at stake: more than 38 million US dollars. To have a chance at the life-changing jackpot, the players are stuck on a remote island and have to face scary tasks and outlast their opponents.

Even though Squid Game wasn’t an anime or a manga, it was influenced by them and used their unique ways of telling stories and making pictures. Its success has broken new ground, putting South Korean TV dramas at the top of entertainment around the world and making viewers more interested than ever before.

Fans of Squid Game can’t wait for the show to come back, and the reality show twist in the new season is getting them even more excited. Will the contestants be able to get past the obstacles and win the huge prize? Just wait and see.