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12 dead in soccer stadium crush in El Salvador

At least 12 people were killed and dozens more were hurt when a terrible thing happened at a sports stadium in the capital of El Salvador. The National Civil Police tweeted about the sad crush, and Salvadoran officials said it happened because too many tickets were sold and/or fake tickets were given out.

At the game between Alianza and FAS at Cuscatlán Stadium, there was a bad rush. Initial reports said that chaos broke out when a large number of people tried to get into the stadium at once. Francisco Alabi, the Health Minister of El Salvador, said on Twitter that emergency teams reacted quickly and helped the injured, who were then taken to local hospitals. About 90 people, including children, are getting care right now, and most are said to be in stable condition.

During a press conference, the head of El Salvador’s National Civil Protection System, Luis Alonso Amaya, said that the stampede started in an area of the stadium where tickets had been oversold, which affected about 500 people. The national police and the office of the attorney general will be in charge of the investigation, which was promised by President Nayib Bukele. Bukele said that everyone involved, including the teams, the stadium management, the ticket office, the league, and the federation, would be looked at closely, and those who did wrong would not get away with it.

El Salvador’s Attorney General, Rodolfo Delgado, used social media to say that EDESSA, the company that runs Cuscatlán Stadium, and the leaders of the teams involved will be investigated. There have been rumors that fans were sold fake tickets or got in without their permission in other ways. Juan Carlos Bidegain, the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Development, said that President Bukele is committed to a thorough probe to make sure that people are held accountable.

El Salvador’s National Civil Police showed on video that there were a lot of ambulances outside the stadium and that doctors were working quickly to help the injured. From inside the field, pictures were taken of huge crowds of people, many of whom were wearing white and blue jerseys for Alianza and FAS, respectively.

This terrible event has sent shockwaves through El Salvador. It shows how urgently safety measures and ticketing procedures need to be changed to stop similar disasters from happening in the future. The whole country is sad about the people who died and prays for the hurt to get better quickly.