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PSX increases by 87 points.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – On Wednesday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) 100-index became bullish and gained 87.38 points, a positive move of 0.19 percent, closing at 46,365.04 points, up from 46,277.66 points the previous day. During the day, 177,497,178 shares worth Rs.6.928 billion were traded, compared to 259,046,624 shares worth Rs.6.688 billion the previous day. In total, 325 firms traded their shares on the stock exchange, with 172 recording gains and 124 suffering losses, while the share price of 29 companies remained steady. Maple Leaf had 11,085,943 shares trading at Rs.30.18 per share, Pak Petroleum had 9,115,995 shares trading at Rs.74.47 per share, and WorldCall Telecom had 7,096,855 shares trading at Rs.1.14 per share.