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“RiRi, I love you so much,” says DJ Khaled to Rihanna during the Super Bowl show.

Before Rihanna’s much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show performance on Sunday, rapper DJ Khaled sent her a sweet message.

“Good luck ahead of time. They changed what the Super Bowl is called. The name of it is “RiRi Super Bowl.” I’m going to get my airhorn ready, and I’m going to ask for a well-done cheeseburger.”

“RiRi, I love you so much,” the 47-year-old rapper said to Page Six at Michael Rubin’s star-studded Fanatics party at the Arizona Biltmore. He worked with Rihanna on the song “Wild Thoughts.”

Before her much-anticipated halftime show on Sunday, DJ Khaled sent this special message to the founder of Fenty Beauty.

When asked if fans will see him join Rihanna on stage as a surprise performer this weekend, he seemed to skip over the question.

“I’m going because Rihanna is my sister and I’m a fan. I’m so excited to see it. He told other reporters, “I’m here to cheer for Rihanna, not the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles.” “We all come out on top.”