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Terrorism has no place in Pakistan and the involvement of Afghan nationals in terrorist incidents in Pakistan is detrimental to regional peace, stability and deviation from the Doha Peace Agreement by the interim Afghan Government; Gen Asim Munir, COAS

Today while addressing tribal elders COAS said “Pakistan has concerns over sanctuaries available to banned outfits and liberty of action they enjoy on Afghan soil. Pakistan will spare no effort to dismantle terrorist networks and protect its citizens at all costs. “Pak Army stands with our tribal brothers and will never leave them alone as over the years they have given innumerable sacrifices for the peace and prosperity of the motherland. It’s time to develop all tribal areas and concentrate on youth.The surge in Terrorism in recent past is a futile effort on the part of terrorists to get the talks re-initiated, however, there is no option for these terrorists except to submit to the writ of state of Pakistan before they are decimated, if they persist on their wrong path. COAS reiterated that propaganda by inimical forces against Armed Forces of Pakistan, will be dealt as per the Law”.
Tribal elders assured that TTP and its ideology will never be acceptable to any tribe and they will continue to stand with the state during the thick and thin.