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The author of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” says that the new season will be “kind of a reboot.”

After 4 long years, Netflix has said that the show Black Mirror will be back with a new season.

After announcing a new season on Wednesday, the show’s author, Charlie Brooker, talked about how it will be different from the other seasons but still have ties to the past.

Brooker said in a pre-recorded video message at Netflix UK, “So this season of ‘Black Mirror’ is both the same and different from what we’ve done before.”

“I wanted to give the show a bit of a fresh start and move away from just focusing on technology, so I decided to set most of the stories in the past,” he said.

Brooker also said that he had “some ideas that were a little more futuristic.”

It is still unknown how many episodes will be in the next season. It is also said that Brooker wrote all of the new episodes. He said that the final product is “a bit of a mix,” but that he hopes it “expands the scope of what ‘Black Mirror’ is while keeping the same kind of unpredictability.”

He also said, “What I always said about the past seasons of ‘Black Mirror’ was that the stories were very different from one another. It was like opening a box of chocolates; you never knew what was inside, but you always knew it would be dark chocolate if it was “Black Mirror.”