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The first A.I. idol dating scandal in K-pop

K-pop now has its first A.I idol dating scandal between Seung from Superkind and Zena from Mave:. A recent clip went viral where Seung reacts to Mave:’s debut song Pandora.

K-pop is venturing more and more into the metaverse, getting more bold with the idea of A.I and virtual concepts. Many idols are taking part in this development with the group Boys Planet collaborating with The Sandbox to create a more interactive method for fans to enjoy the show and Blackpink’s collaboration with PUBG to create a virtual concert.

One of the groups that will have both real and A.I. members is Superkind. The group will have a total of 5 members who are not A.I and 5 members who are. Seung is one of the newest members who is not A.I. On the other hand, Mave is made up of only A.I members.

In a recent video, Seung was shown reacting to Mavedebut :’s song Pandora, where he drops his lollipop in shock while watching the music video. In response, fans started teasing the idol saying Mave:’s Zena would treat him to dinner. When the A.I idol flushed, fans began to joke that Zena should try to get his attention instead.