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Things are best left alone: Saba Faisal on what he’s learned from the trouble she got into with her daughter-in-law

Some mistakes teach us hard lessons, and experienced actor Saba Faisal has learned those lessons the hard way. The Chand Tara actor recently aired dirty laundry between her and her daughter-in-law, Neha Salman, on social media. Their online fights caused a big scandal. At the time, the star deleted her videos and said she was sorry, but she has since thought about how that taught her to be patient.

Saba was a guest on a local show called Chocolate Times With Ayesha Jahanzeb. There, she talked about how the controversy over her friendship with Neha made her stronger. Saba thought about what happened and admitted that she had made a mistake and that she could have done things differently.

“I was in the middle of a big fight a few days ago, and I think it was my fault. I said something I didn’t need to, but I learned from my ignorant and immature behavior. I found out that I should have just ignored it or stayed away from it,” she said. Saba also said that she has learned to be patient instead of acting on impulse. “It would have been smart to just ignore it or keep quiet about it. Now I know that I shouldn’t say anything when something bad happens.”

Earlier this year, the star from Humsafar said that Neha broke up her family. The Dil-e-Momin star said in a three-minute video that she has cut off all ties with her son Salman Faisal and his wife of four years, Neha, because they are no longer compatible. There had been rumors on social media for months that Saba and Neha were having problems.

The star said that she had had “a very hard life” for the past four years and was worried about her son’s future with a “negative” person like Neha. The Habs actor told her followers and fans, “You can’t judge us based on statements like that. I’m not asking you to make a decision before hearing the other side of the story, and I’m also not holding anyone responsible. I’m just saying Salman can live with his wife if he wants to, but as a family, we’ve chosen to leave him behind.” But after getting negative feedback from people in her field and friends, she took the video down and later apologized.