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Two more climbers’ death on Everest takes toll to 7

Two more climbers have died on Everest, organizers of a trip said on Thursday. That makes seven climbers who have died on the world’s highest peak this spring.

A 58-year-old Indian woman who said she had a pacemaker before her trip and a Nepalese member of a team that was cleaning up trash on the mountain were the most recent people to die.

Suzanne Leopoldina After the Indian climber was flown from base camp because he was sick, he went to a hospital in the town of Lukla, Nepal, where he died.

“We took the Indian climber from base camp to Lukla by helicopter on Wednesday because she was sick and couldn’t climb,” Da Dendi Sherpa, executive director of Glacier Himalaya Treks and Expedition, said.

Jesus had used the phrase “Everest expedition and back on a pacemaker at age 58” to raise money for her climb.

The Himalayan Times said that the primary school teacher wanted to be the first person in Asia to climb Everest with a pacemaker and the oldest Indian to do so.

“We tried to get her to the city of Kathmandu. But because of bad weather, the chopper couldn’t make it to Kathmandu. She was taken to a hospital in Lukla, where she died this morning,” Sherpa said.