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Update israel- palestine war

  1. Russia’s President Putin said the sharp escalation of the Israel-Palestinian conflict was a vivid example of the US’ policy failure in the Middle East
  2. An Israeli death toll has now surpassed 1,000 while Palestinian l 900 lives has been lost, comprising 260 children, 230 women, and leaving 4,600 individuals
  3. There are growing concerns about the possibility of a regional conflict, particularly with expectations of an Israeli ground incursion into Gaza
  4. The Israeli army has mobilized 300,000 reservists for its “Swords of Iron” campaign and has deployed tanks and heavy armor near Gaza and the northern border with Lebanon.
  5. Citizens of Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Nepal, Panama, Paraguay, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United States have also been killed in this war
  6. A senior Hamas official denied reports that Iran was involved in the planning of the Palestinian attack on Israel
  7. Israel refused a request to bring food and medical supplies into Gaza. Water supply to Gaza is already blocked
  8. US President Biden gave a public address on the Israel-Palestine war. He said at least 14 Americans have been killed so far and that the US is surging increased military assistance to Israel. He made no mention of Israel’s large-scale bombardment of Gaza or its decision to impose a full siege
  9. UK considering to ban waving the Palestinian flag in Britain
  10. Sweden is temporarily halting development aid to Palestine
  11. The Scottish first minister called on the UK government to push for a corridor to evacuate civilians from Gaza. He also revealed that his parents-in-law are “trapped” in Gaza, amid four consecutive days of Israeli air strikes
  12. Egyptian fuel trucks and relief materials were filmed leaving the vicinity of the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt. Israel said it will bomb trucks carrying supplies from Egypt to Gaza, according to Israel’s Channel 12
  13. A military source at the Jordanian military denied reports that the US army used a base in Jordan to transport supplies to Israel, according to Jordanian media