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Villagers are scared of a wild elephant, and it keeps killing people.

In the past few months, a wild elephant has caused a lot of damage in an Indian town. He has destroyed dozens of homes, shops, and cars and killed 11 people.

Sky News says that the elephant named Arikomban has scared the people of Cumbum in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Authorities asked people to stay inside their homes over the weekend while they tried to calm the elephant down and move it.

As the big animal moved through the town, the power went out and public transport stopped.

A person died recently when an elephant destroyed an autorickshaw and killed the person who owned it. He tried to run away from the elephant, but he fell and hurt his head and started bleeding inside.

Three other people were hurt by the elephant as well. The animal has now gone back to the woods.

Arikomban, whose name means “rice tusker,” has killed 11 people and destroyed about 300 homes and businesses in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the past few years.

His name came from the fact that he stole rice from shops and homes in the area. Residents also filed a case against him to deal with the problem.

There are also plans to make a movie about Arikomban’s life.