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WhatsApp announces four new features for users

Meta owns WhatsApp, which is adding four new features to make the app better and easier to use.

WaBetaInfo says that the new features include the ability to block calls from people you don’t know, to name groups in community announcement groups, to set up community entry points, and to edit messages.

— WaBetaInfo
Now, only beta testers can use the new tools. Over the next few weeks, however, more users will be able to use them.

Don’t answer unknown calls.
The instant chat app gives users more control over the calls they get by letting them silence calls from people they don’t know. Users can turn on this function by going to settings, clicking on privacy, then clicking on calls.

People would be able to cut down on spam calls with this function, giving them more privacy and security.

Group mentions
With this feature, the admins of a community can name other groups in the group that makes announcements for the community. This would help them point out the groups when they send a message to people in the neighborhood.

Community point of entry
With this new button in the header, users will be able to start community groups right from the community announcement group.

The app-tracking website also said, “By tapping this button, the person who made the community can quickly make a group from the menu that pops up.”

Editing messages
Another great change to WhatsApp is that some people can now edit text messages they sent within 15 minutes.

“This limit has been set to keep the integrity of the conversation so that messages can’t be changed in the long run,” said WaBetaInfo. “The message editing feature is only meant to fix typing mistakes.”

Users can change their texts as many times as they want, but they can’t change a message that was sent from a different device.

Those who install the new version of WhatsApp beta for iOS will be able to get these changes. Some of them can also be used on the test version of Android.