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Jay Shah is the president of the BCCI. Najam Sethi gives him advice.

Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Najam Sethi said that ACC President Jay Shah should fix the Asia Cup problem peacefully if he wants to become the head of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the future.

Shah, who is also the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has refused to send his team to Pakistan for this year’s Asia Cup. He said that the event should be held at a neutral location.

Sethi told Associated Press (AP), “I think Jay [Shah] is a young man. He wants to be the head of the ICC.” “If you want to be a leader, my advice to my young friend would be to keep the group or flock together.

“Don’t let it be said that the ACC broke up when you were in charge.”

Sethi also said that the PCB has always helped Asian countries when they were having trouble. “When the Australians pulled out of their games with Afghanistan, we said we would step in and bail you out so that you could still make money from these games.”

He also said, “We’ve been very open about helping members who will get into trouble. Now, we don’t have any problems, and the others don’t have problems with us.” India is all.”

He also talked about the hybrid model for the Asia Cup, which would let India play its games at a neutral site while the rest of the event took place in Pakistan.

“Until India is ready to play Pakistan both bilaterally and in Pakistan, let’s have a hybrid solution,” he said.

Sethi said, “I haven’t been threatening anyone, so give me a break.” “I’m trying to stay upbeat and find a way out of this situation. I could have just said, “If India doesn’t want to play in Pakistan, we won’t play in India,” but I tried to find a middle ground.

The Indian Cricket Board, on the other hand, is not likely to agree to the PCB’s hybrid plan.

India and Pakistan are two of the biggest rivals in sports, but they haven’t played each other on their home turf since 2012. Instead, they only play each other in international events on neutral grounds.