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Zara Noor Abbas asks, “How can you judge someone’s faith based on their job?”

In a recent conversation with life coach Eram Saeed, actor Zara Noor Abbas talked about how she deals with anxiety and her spiritual journey.

The host talked about how only people who look a certain way are allowed to talk about Islam. The actor who played Badshah Begum also said that it seems like Islam is owned by one person. She said that society thinks that people who can talk about Islam are only in certain jobs and that they can’t know anything about music or art.

She asked, “How can someone tell how strong someone’s faith is by what they do for a living?” She was talking about people who judged without reason.

Saeed and Abbas also talked about how people are quick to label, and the actor said that it makes her sad that educated people cheer for people who give up their jobs for religious reasons. “This is supposed to be very personal,” she said of the journey toward faith and religion.

Abbas talked about how she wanted to learn more about Islam and how much she believed in Allah. She also talked about the mind and how important it is to heal from old hurts.

“Sometimes you don’t know what’s going on because you’re having an anxiety attack or your brain is foggy. “You become suicidal, very angry, mean, and bitter, and that’s when you realize that I have so many unresolved emotions that need to be healed, but I haven’t been able to because I’m stuck in a rut,” the actor said.

“I want to talk more about it because I’ve been through hell and back,” she said. “Every time I say, “Allah, no more,” and every time I get up, He blesses me with something I could never have imagined.”

Abbas has talked before about how hard it was for her to give birth to a stillborn baby and how guilty she felt afterward.