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11 people die when a ship carrying more than 80 migrants sinks near Libya.

GARABULLI, LIBYA: The Libyan coastguard found the bodies of 11 migrants, including a child, whose boat sank off the coast of the North African country on its way to Europe.

The coastguard also helped at least four people who were able to swim to land after the ship went down. The town of Garabulli, which is about 50 km east of Tripoli, was told that bodies were floating in the water just a few meters from the shore.

A writer said that the bodies of 10 men and a girl were found and put in white body bags. The survivors who were too tired to walk away were also saved. After the rescuers gave them food and water, the people who were still alive laid down on the grass and tried to catch their breath and get back on their feet.

One of the people who made it out alive said that the boat had more than 80 people on it when it sank near the coast.

Some migrants left the area after swimming back to land, but it was not clear what happened to the others right away.

Passports shown by the people who made it off the sinking ship showed that the people on board were from many different countries, including Bangladesh, Egypt, and Pakistan.

In the evening, the coastguard went out on a second mission to help refugees on another boat that was in trouble near the same city.

“We saved 61 migrants who were on another boat, and they are all safe. They are from Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries,” a Garabulli coastguard member told AFP.

Since Moamer Kadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011, there has been a lot of violence in Libya. This has made the country a good place for people traffickers, who have been accused of everything from theft to slavery.