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A 57-year-old lady died after being thrown from a roller coaster.

A woman died after falling from a roller coaster while riding it in Klotten, Germany. The woman slid off her seat and fell 26 feet, dying as a result. The name of the 57-year-old has yet to be revealed. The tragedy occurred on Saturday afternoon in Klotti Wildlife and Leisure Park.

Police are investigating whether a third party was involved in her death. However, there has been no indication of criminal activity. The woman died at the scene after rescuers attempted CPR on her. According to the Koblenz public prosecutor’s office,

“she lid out of her seat while the carriage was going through a curve before falling off the track from a height of about eight metres.”The park was closed for three days following the tragedy, but it will reopen today. The attraction has been inspected and cleared by Germany’s Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), but the park expects to have it checked again before resuming operations.