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A man in Florida has set a new record for how long he can live underwater.

Local media say that Joseph Dituri, who lives in a unique underwater hotel at the bottom of a 9-meter (30-foot) deep lagoon in the US state of Florida, has broken the record for the longest time spent living underwater. He did this as part of a mission led by the Marine Resources Development Foundation.

As of May 13, Dr. Dituri, a medical researcher and professor at the University of South Florida, had spent 74 days underwater as part of Project Neptune 100. On his social media account, he said that he has no plans to end his underwater stay just yet.

“From the beginning, my main goal has been to inspire the next generation, talk to researchers who study marine life, and find out what the human body can do in extreme environments,” he said. ​

According to his statement, he plans to come back to the surface on June 9, which will be the 100th day of his journey underground.

Jessica Fain and Bruce Cantrell held the record before them. They stayed at the Jules Undersea Lodge for 73 days.