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A soldier who was guarding the royal family was put in jail for selling weapons.

Rajon Graham was part of an elite unit that was in charge of protecting the royal family. In a police sting, he sold ammunition to an undercover cop. For this, he got three years in prison.

The 34-year-old worked as a lance sergeant in the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards. In October of last year, he was kicked out of the British Army for selling bullets on four different counts.

During his service, Graham was said to have been stationed at the Wellington Barracks near Buckingham Palace and given state and ceremonial tasks between December 7, 2020 and January 28, 2021. This is when the crimes happened.

He is said to have made £5,800 by selling a total of 300 9mm bullets while pretending to be a dangerous drug dealer.

The ammunition was made by a company that sold to the Coldstream Guards. The Coldstream Guards are the oldest regiment in the Army and do formal work at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The Army told the court that the bullets were not stolen from the military.

But when he gave Graham, who was born in Jamaica, a total of three years in prison on Thursday, Judge David Tomlinson said, “Your ability to get this ammunition must have been related to your job.” The judge praised Graham’s “exemplary” service to “this prodigious wing of our armed services” over eight years. Graham is married and has one child.

“You thought the person who bought these bullets from you was an active criminal and someone you must have known or should have known was part of an organized crime group. In fact, nothing bad happened because the person you did business with was a police officer working undercover,” the judge said.