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A truck art show in China shows off Pakistan’s many different culture landscapes.

BEIJING: The first truck art exhibition has started in Langfang, China, to celebrate Pakistan’s 83rd National Day and the fact that 2023 is the China-Pakistan Year of Tourism Exchanges. The trucks will show off Pakistan’s rich cultural landscape.

The Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, along with the Silk Road International Art Centre, Langfang, and the well-known Truck Artists business Phool Patti, put on the show. It will be open until July 24.

More than 300 people, including Chinese dignitaries, government officials, members of the foreign corps, business leaders, media people, and members of the Pakistani community, were at the opening ceremony.

Pakistan’s ambassador to China, Moinul Haque, welcomed the important guests and paid respect to Pakistan’s founder, leaders, martyrs, and heroes for their important roles in making the country a reality.

He said that it was now the duty of the whole country to make Pakistan a peaceful, progressive, wealthy, and diverse place.

The ambassador also talked about how great Pakistan is as a place to visit as a visitor. He invited his Chinese friends to go there, especially since this year is the China-Pakistan Year of Tourism Exchanges.

The ambassador said that China and Pakistan have been friends for a long time, and he hoped that the two countries would give even more importance to cultural and people-to-people exchanges to help the goodwill and friendship between our two people, especially the younger generation.

Haque talked about Pakistan’s colorful truck art, which is a creative way to show the country’s many different ethnic landscapes.

Jin Yongsheng, Vice Chairman of ENN, the group that runs Silk Road International Art Centre, was happy to hear that the center was working with Pakistan’s government. He also said he liked Pakistan’s many different cultures.

He said that his center was proud to be holding this exhibition that showed famous Chinese people the great work of Pakistani artists.

Ali Salman Anchan, the leader of the Phool Patti team, was excited to come to China and be a part of the first large-scale Truck Art show in China.

He told the people of China how grateful he was that they cared so much about him and other artists.

The ‘Phool Patti’ team made a model truck, murals, clothes, fans, and ceramic pots for the three-month show. The team would also run live workshops for the people who came to the show.

Pakistan Embassy College Beijing (PECB) students also put on a wonderful culture show.