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Angelina Jolie’s new clothes line, “Fashion for Good,” aims to cut down on waste.

Angelina Jolie, an actor and well-known humanitarian, has announced the launch of Atelier Jolie, a group of clothes with a purpose. The Maleficent actor says that the goal of the project is to make a place “where everyone can create.”

She wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, “Atelier Jolie is a place for creative people to work with a skilled and diverse family of expert tailors, pattern makers, and artisans from around the world.”

The Salt actor said that the project comes from her “appreciation and deep respect for the many tailors and makers” she has worked with over the course of her career, as well as her “desire to use the high-quality vintage material and deadstock fabric that is already available and to be part of a movement to encourage more self-expression.”

The clothing group’s main Instagram account says that it will start selling clothes in the fall of this year.

A person told People Magazine that the project had been in the works for years. “[Jolie] wants the focus to be on respecting and promoting the people who make the clothes, fabrics, and embroidery, but who don’t usually get credit for it.”

The Eternals actor is “creating a space where people can be more creative and original, focusing on craftsmanship and quality, which leads to less waste,” their source said.

The magazine says that the actor often wears the same expensive clothes more than once. On red carpets, her daughters Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Zahara Jolie-Pitt have also been seen in dresses and gowns that their mother made.

Her brand will only use scraps, old materials, and extra fabric, which will encourage people to fix and re-wear their clothes.

On its website, Atelier Jolie says that it will also “bring together a diverse team, including apprenticeships for refugees and other talented, under-appreciated groups, with positions of dignity based on skill.”