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Billie Eilish said of her first time on TV at age 15: “My voice was kind of messed up.”

Billie Eilish talked about her first time on TV when she was 15 years old on James Corden’s show.

The Bored musician went on The Late Late Show with James Corden as a guest on Tuesday, which was Corden’s last week on the CBS talk show.

After sharing a picture of Billie on his show, James, who is 44 years old, asked Billie, who is 21, what she remembered about that day.

Billie said, “I remembered that I was very scared.” “I felt terrible. I feel like I was sick for a long time. No matter what I did, I got sick. I was really worried and my voice was a little off. I just wanted to do a good job.”

“At your core and in your person, you are the same person I met then,” James said.

Billie also said that the part she played in Swarm was her dream job.

“Donald Glover is my all-time and lifelong hero,” Billie said.

Billie also said that she had been making music in the studio in her brother’s house, which was in the basement.

Billie said, “That’s where we made our last record, and since then we’ve been doing it again.”

“This time is very different. Every time, it turns out to be different. It’s strange. Every time, I think I know what’s going on. How to do it this time, you know it worked last time, I’m going to do it again, and I can never do it again.”

In another part of the interview, James showed Billie a video clip from Lollapalooza that showed the crowd and asked her how she connects with such a big crowd.

Billie said, “You can’t really.” “I love to perform at events. One of my favorite kinds of shows to do is this one. It’s only water. You stand there, and there are people everywhere.

Billie said that concerts are harder for her, so she works harder on her shows.

Billie said, “I like to go out on the thrust, which is like a catwalk. When I look back at the stage, I see myself on the giant IMAX screen, and it makes me feel like I’m really at the show and in the crowd watching myself perform.”