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Dania has formally divorced Aamir and is no longer his widow: Iqbal, Bushra

Bushra Iqbal, the ex-wife of prominent TV host and journalist Aamir Liaquat Hussain, announced on Saturday that Dania Shah has been legally divorced from her ex-husband and is no longer his widow. In an interview with the media, Bushra stated that Dania, Liaquat’s third wife, agreed that she shared her former husband’s video and that she should be punished for it.

“Dania’s comments keep changing,” Bushra added, adding that her family has filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency against this gang for exposing Liaquat’s videos and violating his privacy.

Meanwhile, Bushra told her fans on Twitter about the family’s plan to file a revision case with the sessions court to suspend the late televangelist’s exhumation orders.Dua Aamir, the late politician’s daughter, has made a revision motion to the court of session judge east to halt exhumation orders.
“We are going to file a revision plea at sessions court to stay the order of late Aamir Liaquat’s exhumation,” she tweeted.

“Hopefully, Allah will resolve this situation in favour of Ahmed and Duaa,” Liaquat’s ex-wife stated. InshaAllah.”According to Dua’s counsel, Advocate Zia Ahmed Awan, a magistrate previously granted permission to bury Liaquat without a post-mortem, and police did not protest because no evidence was found.

They stated that Liaquat’s family did not want a post-mortem examination. On the basis of the high court’s order, we have petitioned the session court. Two verdicts cannot be issued by the same court. The previous judgement was rendered without taking the family’s concerns into account.

Earlier, Liaquat’s third wife Dania demanded a post-mortem examination on her social media account. She also chastised Bushra and Dua for seeking public support after Dania demanded that the late politician’s body be exhumed for medical forensics.

“When Aamir died, Bushra refused to face the media.” “However, she has now brought her daughter [to solicit sympathy],” Dania wrote.