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Enaam Ahmed gets into the top 10 for Indy NXT.

LONDON: British-Pakistani race car driver Enaam Ahmed did well in the second qualifying session of the highly competitive Indy NXT series, which was only 8 minutes long. This put him in the fifth row for Sunday’s 35-lap race, which started late in the day.

But a technical problem during practice on Friday meant that Enaam could only do 9 laps of the track.

“The team and I are new to the series, and we are learning from each other,” Enaam said.

Dominick Cape owner said this about Enaam’s work: “I think he did a really good job. Since the weekend started, we’ve made a lot of changes. He thought the car was well balanced, but it wasn’t fast enough. We need to do a little more work on that. Enaam is excellent.”

The current run of races are held at Barber Motorsports Park, which is near Birmingham, Alabama.

Last year, I was in third place at this track in the USPro2000 tournament, which was held here, Enaam told this reporter.

Enaam, who was very happy, said, “We are very happy with the progress we are making against teams that have a lot more experience than we do. In the Grand Prix, everything is up for grabs. I’ll start from the clean side of the track and try to get a lot of points. I am getting a lot of help from my friends in Pakistan and other desis around the world. On race day, I hope to make them proud.”

Enaam is also the first person from Pakistan to win a high-level Formula Championship. He won the British Formula 3 Championship. Emaan won the title and broke Ayrton Senna’s record by winning 13 races in a single season.

The 23-year-old’s winning runs on dangerous tracks are taking him all over the world. He drives cars at an average speed of 200 miles per hour, making sure that both the British and Pakistani flags are on his car. Enaam is one of the most talented and interesting young racers in the motorsport industry.

Since he was 14, he has won Championships and broken records, making him the most successful Pakistani racing driver in the history of motorsport.

Enaam was born in London 23 years ago to parents from Pakistan. He became interested in racing when he was eight years old. His parents started supporting his interest by sending him to local Go-karting tracks for kids, but they had no idea that he would become a European and world champion at the age of 14, one year younger than Lewis Hamilton, who was 15 when he won.