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“I knew Shah Rukh Khan as Gauri’s boyfriend,” says Kabir Khan.

Kabir Khan, a filmmaker, spoke candidly about his relationships with Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan.

The Phantom filmmaker revealed in an interview with Humans of Bombay that he knew the pair back when they lived in Delhi.

Shah Rukh was my senior in Jamia, but I didn’t know him as such, he continued. As Gauri’s boyfriend, Shah Rukh was who I first met. We both performed as dancers in a West Side Story production, Gauri and I. The two gangs, the Sharks and the Jets, are the subject of West Side Story. We both played for the Sharks. Gauri dances well. I wasn’t too horrible, probably. Shah Rukh would come and meet her after we had been practicing for six months. That is how I first encountered [him].”

He said, “He was in Jamia at that time. I hadn’t made up my mind to join Jamia yet. If I recall properly, Shah Rukh was studying economics at the same time as I was. He handed me his notes later when I made the decision to enroll at Jamia because he was an excellent student. I extensively reviewed his notes. They were extremely priceless notes. That’s how Shah Rukh and I first met. There needs to be a small correction to my previous statement that I knew nobody in the film industry when I first arrived in Bombay. I was the only one who knew Shah Rukh Khan.