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Queen instructed Harry to speak with Charles because she was no longer able to take his grouchy calls.

Prince Harry’s whiny phone conversations from the United States, in which he whined about the members of the Royal family, were described as “difficult and wearisome” by Queen Elizabeth.

Royal writer Robert Jobson claims in his new book Our King, which is being serialized in the Daily Mail, that the late king requested the Duke of Sussex phone his father directly after he frequently complained about him.

Jobson was informed by a source that “Her Majesty found Prince Harry’s calls rather trying and tiresome. She would encourage him to speak to his father because she didn’t want to interfere with their father-son bond.

The father of two then started calling his father, who did not like the tone in which his son was speaking to him over the phone.

According to reports, Harry repeatedly asked the then-Prince Charles for money and even used profanity.

Jobson asserted in his book that Charles told the Queen he wouldn’t give Harry any money because Harry wasn’t a bank and that’s why.