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Jimin of BTS talks about how his father reacted to his solo record.

Jimin from the K-pop group BTS talks about how his father responded to his first solo album Face. On April 4, he told the story during a live show on Weverse.

He did the live stream to celebrate making history on the Billboard 100 list when his title song, “Like Crazy,” went straight to No. 1. He thanked his friends and everyone who worked with him for their support and told them that J-Hope and RM had called him to congratulate him on his success.

He then talked about how his father felt about his solo. He said that his father was proud of him, but that he felt sad when he first heard the record. “When I first made this album, I played it at my house and told my dad, ‘This is my first record.’ But he told me he felt sad and cried because of it. I didn’t think that record would be so popular.”