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Joe Biden says that the US Embassy in Sudan will stop working.

Due to the current situation in Sudan, US President Joe Biden has stated that the American embassy in Sudan will temporarily stop working. He has also promised that the US will continue to help the people of Sudan.

The fight for power in the African country continued into the second day of Eid, when the brief ceasefire between the warring forces of Army Chief Abdel Fattah-Al-Burhan and his rival Mohamed Hamdan Daglo ended.

So far, the Sudanese conflict has killed 413 people and hurt thousands more. It has also forced 1,000 people to stay in their homes without power, water, or phones.

When the US president heard about the situation, he said that “it must stop” because the fight was “unconscionable.”

“Hundreds of innocent people have already died because of this terrible violence in Sudan. It’s wrong, and it needs to stop. We are briefly stopping work at the US Embassy in Sudan, but our commitment to the Sudanese people and the future they want will never end,” Biden wrote on Twitter.

As he had ordered, US government employees were taken out of Khartoum, which was the center of the Sudanese war.

He also said that he was keeping a close eye on the ongoing work to help Americans in the war-torn country and that friends and partners of the US were part of the work.

In a statement, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that “all US personnel and their dependents” have been safely evacuated and that the US will continue to help Americans in Sudan plan for their own safety.

A lot of people are stuck in the Sudanese city because of the bloody attacks of urban warfare, which have shut down the airport and made some roads impassable.

The UN and other countries have asked the opposing military leaders to keep the truces they have made, which have mostly been broken, and to make it safe for people to leave and for badly needed aid to get through.

Four years after a popular uprising toppled long-ruling autocrat Omar al-Bashir, Sudan suddenly fell into war. This ruined plans to bring back civilian rule, brought an already poor country to the edge of a humanitarian crisis, and raised the risk of a wider conflict that could draw in other countries.

Because the airport is closed and the skies are unsafe, thousands of foreigners, including government staff, aid workers, and students in Khartoum and other parts of Africa’s third-largest country, have also been unable to leave.

Saudi Arabia has taken Gulf people out of Port Sudan, which is on the Red Sea and about 400 miles (650 km) from Khartoum. Jordan will send its own people the same way.