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Kriti Sanon admits to’sulking and crying’ when her films fail.

Kriti Sanon recently disclosed how she handles the failure of her films, stating she sulks and cries when they fail.

Kriti spoke to Bollywood Hungama about the significance of embracing one’s emotions and how it’s not always possible to sweep one’s emotions under the rug.

According to the Bollywood actress, “whenever we were upset, we cried.” We laughed whenever we felt like it. We didn’t care what other people thought. But, as we grow older, I believe maturity is similar to how we conduct ourselves in public.”

“I’m low, I don’t want to talk to anyone,” Kriti continued. Or I might be on the phone with a friend, ranting about how I’m feeling. But I guess I realise that everything happens and you have to move on.”

“There is nothing more you can do as an actress beyond a point,” she added. You take the experience and whatever you gain from it, accept what happened, and go on to the next. Hopefully, there will always be a next.”

Kriti’s current projects include Ganapath: Part I, Shehzada, Adipurush, and Bhediya.