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Flood victims in Balochistan are unable to obtain rations due to a lack of CNICs.

Floods caused by storms in Balochistan have destroyed the homes of thousands of people, particularly in the province’s Lasbela District.

However, flood victims have accused the administration of treating them in a disrespectful manner during ration distribution by requesting original computerised national identity cards (CNICs).

The CNICs are apparently being sought by officials for verification purposes, however the affected residents have indicated that they lost everything when their homes were inundated.

“Ration comes for us, but they want CNICs.” We had some cards, but not enough for everyone. “How can a family of ten subsist on one ration card?” one of the victims revealed.The victim requested that the administration fix this matter, adding that if they believe they are lying, they can conduct a survey of their homes to determine the number of individuals in a household.

“We’re here for rationing.” We have not received anything, but they are forcing us to leave. “When we walk inside, we may talk to the tehsildar,” said another sufferer. When Geo News contacted the administration to get their story, they were only able to find empty offices.

So far, 149 people have died as a result of the excessive rains and flooding in Balochistan.Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has visited the province several times since the floods wreaked damage. He stated that the government is working around the clock to assist those affected. Earlier this week, the premier assured that food were being distributed to flood victims who had been rescued.

PM Shehbaz further stated that federal, provincial, and other institutions were assisting in relief efforts, and that medical camps were being formed to combat viral illnesses.