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Man makes a fake thumb impression on a friend’s hand by scraping off flesh.

In the hopes that his friend would pass the biometric verification and take the hiring test for a railroad job in his place, an Indian guy peeled the skin off his thumb by placing it on a hot pan and applying it to his thumb.

The exam’s supervisor sprayed sanitizer on his hands before to the test, yet the verification failed because the skin peeled off.According to NDTV, the incident happened earlier this week in Gujarat, India.

Both of the companions, who are in their 20s, were detained on suspicion of forgery and cheating. The 12th grade examinations they took and passed.According to the first information source, a private company organised the test, which was taken by more than 600 individuals (FIR).

“Before the test, each candidate was obliged to provide their thumb impression, which a biometric gadget compared with their Aadhaar data to avoid any form of cheating. At that moment, after numerous attempts, the equipment was unable to register Manish Kumar’s thumb impression “explained the second police commissioner.

The supervisor thought the friend was concealing his hand in his pocket, so he went after him and captured him.The official said that the skin paste on the supervisor’s left thumb came off when he sprayed hand sanitizer on it.