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Manchester chooses its first Asian Muslim woman to be its Lord Mayor.

The city of Manchester chose its first Asian Muslim woman to be Lord Mayor. This is an important step that has been praised by the city’s many different groups.

At a council meeting on Wednesday, Yasmine Dar, a Labour council member from Moston, was chosen for the job. She will be in office for a year, during which she will represent the city at public events and work to advance its goals.

Dar was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, but has lived in Manchester for more than 50 years. She has worked in the aid field for many years and is a strong supporter of social justice. She also started the organization “Community on Solid Ground,” which helps young people in Whalley Range and has won awards for its work.

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Dar said that she was “humbled and honored” to be named Lord Mayor in her speech of thanks. She promised to use her role to promote diversity and inclusion and to work to make Manchester a city where everyone feels welcome.

The appointment of Dar is a big deal for Manchester, which has a large and rising number of Asian Muslims. It shows that the city cares about variety and welcomes everyone, and it gives other places ideas.

On July 1, Dar will start his time as Lord Mayor. She will be helped by her daughter Amina, who will be the Lady Mayoress, and her brother Majid Dar, who used to be a council member in Manchester and will be the Consort.