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‘My daughters are not on social media,’ clarifies Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, who used to be the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, said Monday that his daughters are not on social media after an account pretending to be one of them showed up on Twitter.

The former captain posted a picture of a fake Twitter account that posed as his daughter Ansha.

Last week, the daughter of the former captain, Ansha, got married to a bowler named Shaheen Shah Afridi.

“This is to confirm that my daughters are not on social media, and accounts pretending to be them are fake,” Afridi tweeted, asking his followers to report the fake account.

On February 4, Afridi’s daughter Ansha got married to star pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi in a Karachi mosque.

Cricketers Babar Azam, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Naseem Shah, and Shadab Khan, as well as squash legend Jahangir Khan, were at the reception after the Nikah.

As soon as the pictures went viral, fans and followers wanted to know how the bride and groom looked. But the couple’s request that the guests “turn off” their cell phones left them wondering and curious.

At the venue’s entrance, there was a big sign that said: “The bride and groom cordially invite you all to an Unplugged Ceremony. Let’s turn off our phones and pay full attention to this moment.”

“The best thing you can do for us today is to turn off your phones and spend time with us,” the note said.