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Naseem Shah appointed honorary DSP of Balochistan Police

On Saturday, Naseem Shah, a fast bowler for the Pakistan cricket team, was named the Goodwill Ambassador of the Balochistan Police.

Shah was given the title “Honorary DSP” by the Balochistan police. For this appointment, there was a ceremony at the IG Balochistan Police Office in Quetta. During the ceremony, the pacer was given a police uniform and given a rank.

Shah went up on stage during the ceremony to talk about how he felt about his new job. The cricketer thanked the Balochistan Police for the “honour” with a smile that showed he was happy.

“When I was a child, I was afraid of policemen. My parents used to scare me when they talked about the police. But as I’ve gotten older. “I have learned how much they give up to keep us safe,” he said.

“They don’t just put their lives in danger for us, but I’ll give you a much simpler example of what they do for us. Those who work at the NCA with us stay up all night to protect us. I can’t even do my job if I don’t get enough sleep. I have a lot of respect for the police and am very thankful for what they’ve done for me.

As soon as the news came out, cricket players’ fans went to Twitter to show their love and support for him.

One user wrote, “Balochistan Police has made fast bowler Naseem Shah an honorary DSP because he is so good at his job. Balochistan Police has made Naseem Shah the face of their brand. Masha Allah congratulations”

Others told him that he looked “handsome” in his uniform and that he “glowed.”

It’s important to remember that in July 2022, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police hired Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi as a “goodwill ambassador” to improve the public’s view of the police force.

Afridi had said during his speech that it was an honour for him to be a goodwill ambassador for the KP Police. The cricketer paid tribute to the police officers who had died in the line of duty.

He gave a salute to the police and talked about what they do.