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Overemotion cost Pakistan two World Cup games against India: Maqsood, Sohaib

According to Pakistani cricketer Sohaib Maqsood, Pakistan never felt under pressure against India. He believes that the Pakistani team grew “overexcited” as a result of the green shirts’ recurrent defeats versus India in World Cup matches.

“However, in recent years, our team has begun to handle Indo-Pak matches normally, which has enhanced our performance,” he remarked. Maqsood, who has played 29 ODIs and 26 T20s for Pakistan, is now playing for Bagh Stallions in the second edition of the Kashm.In an exclusive interview, he highlighted his dissatisfaction with individual performances in international cricket.

“A couple of international matches throughout a two-decade professional career do not justify my ability. Due to injuries, I was dropped from the national squad several times. I’ve had multiple comebacks and continue to want to represent Pakistan “He stated.

While discussing the batting order, Maqsood stated that playing at different batting positions has an effect on one’s performance. “I earned over 2,000 runs in domestic cricket prior to my comeback,” he explained. “Unfortunately, I played two innings at number three and was afterwards reduced to number five in the batting order.

“He stated that he has heard that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) selection committee is considering picking players at the same batting position they played in domestic cricket, calling this a “excellent strategy.”