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Overnight, Ukraine shot down 18 of 24 Russian drones.

Russia fired 24 kamikaze drones on Thursday before dawn, and Ukrainian air defences said they shot down 18 of them.

In a statement, the city government of Kyiv said that all rockets and drones that were aimed at the Ukrainian capital for the third time in four days have been destroyed.

The government said, “The Russians attacked Kiev with Shahed loitering munitions and missiles, most likely of the ballistic type.”

The 15 Shahed kamikaze drones that were fired at Odessa, a city on the coast of the Black Sea, were shot down by air defences. Three of the drones hit a university complex. The Ukrainian military authority in the south said that no one was hurt.

Since October of last year, Russia has regularly bombed Ukraine, hitting a wide range of targets. The latest explosions happened less than 24 hours after Kyiv said that a Russian attack on the city of Kherson killed 21 people.

Zelensky doesn’t believe that Putin was attacked.
The event happened a day after Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to Moscow’s claim that his country tried to kill Vladimir Putin.

“We didn’t attack Putin, but…” We fight on our land, and we protect our towns and cities,” Zelensky told reporters at a press conference with Nordic leaders in Helsinki on Wednesday.

“We never go after Putin or Moscow. He also said, “We don’t have enough weapons for this.”

Earlier, Russia said it had shot down two drones that were headed for Putin’s home in the Kremlin. It said this was a “terrorist” attempt to kill Putin by Ukrainians.

A message from the Kremlin said that the devices had been turned off.

Moscow said that Putin was fine and that no one was hurt.

When asked why Moscow would say that Kyiv did something wrong, Zelensky said, “Russia has no victories.”

“He (Putin) can’t inspire his people anymore, and he can’t send his military to die for nothing anymore,” he said.