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PHF bans former Olympian Khwaja Junaid ‘for life’

Khawaja Junaid, a former Olympian and the manager of the national hockey team, has been banned for life by the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF).

During the Asia Cup, Junaid was in charge of the national hockey team. During the tournament, there was a problem with Japan having 12 players on the field at the same time.

Pakistan’s goal meant that the national team couldn’t play in the World Cup because the goal was ruled to be wrong.

After what happened, Asif Bajwa, who used to be the secretary of the PHF, put together a group to look into what happened. Before he went in front of the committee, Junaid gave his resignation.

Later, PHF secretary Haider Hussain asked the committee again for a report, which said that Olympian Junaid should be banned.

Mian Ali Ashfaque, the legal advisor for the PHF, said that the PHF was laughed at all over the world. He also said, “There was wrongdoing, which led to Pakistan being kicked out of the world cup.”

The committee called the Olympian, but he didn’t show up. Because of this, he was banned. He also said that the action was taken because it was what the PHF laws said to do.

President PHF gave his approval to the bans, which mean that the former manager of the national hockey team will not be able to do anything.