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President Erdogan has to cancel events because of his health.

Reuters reported on Thursday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has cancelled his plans to take part in election protests because of his health. This came after he left his live TV interview in the middle of the night on Tuesday.

He was going to speak at events on Wednesday and Thursday as part of his campaign for the May 14 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Erdogan, who is 69 years old, wrote on Twitter, “Today, my doctors told me to rest at home.”

Erkan Kandemir, the vice chair of the AK Party, said later that President Erdogan would be at a ceremony at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in the southern city of Mersin on Thursday via video link.

He wrote on Twitter, “Our Mersin rally will also happen at a later date.”

Erdogan, who has been the president of Turkey since 2014, left his live TV interview on Tuesday and said, “I feel sick. My stomach hurts.”

The Turkish leader had been in power for a long time and had already made three campaign speeches that day.

The president was supposed to end his day by talking to Ulke TV and Kanal 7. But 10 minutes into the interview, the stream suddenly stopped in the middle of a question, making the camera shake and the reporter get out of his seat. A person that wasn’t on camera could be heard saying, “Oh wow.”

Erdogan came back to the interview about 15 minutes later to apologise for leaving suddenly. He said, “Yesterday and today were hard work. I got sick because of that.”

As he spoke, the president looked tired and his eyes seemed to be watering. He took a few more questions and then ended the show.

The upcoming elections seem to be the hardest thing for the current president to deal with as he tries to keep his job after inflation and the earthquake, which hurt his support base all over the country.