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Quetta ‘to not host’ PSL 2023 matches

The Pakistan Super League (PSL), which is set to begin next month, will now have only four of its original five stadiums; Quetta will no longer be one of them.

An official from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) told The News that preparations to host several PSL matches at Quetta’s Bugti Stadium were “futile due to various reasons,” the most pressing of which being the city’s harsh weather.

“The PCB appreciates the support of the city of Quetta as it prepares to host PSL matches. Since Najam Sethi, head of the PCB Management Committee, made the statement, “we have sent a special team to Quetta to make special arrangements to organise some of the PSL matches there,” the official said.

The group met with Quetta’s various stakeholders and determined that it would be impossible to organise matches there this fall “official statement

“We appreciate the unwavering backing from everyone, from the Corps Commander to the province government. Unfortunately, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not possible to host PSL matches there at this moment.”

The severe weather in Quetta and the subsequent delay in getting the party ready are the key causes “What he had to say was.

However, the official expressed optimism about the possibility of hosting warm-up or exhibition matches at the facility, with the intention of making Quetta a permanent location for the PSL beginning in the upcoming season.

The official went on to say, “I think from 2024 on, Quetta can become a permanent location of the PSL events.”

The News has learned, however, that the PCB’s reluctance to hold matches in Quetta was due in part to the technological challenges of broadcasting PSL matches effectively.

“Sethi and other board members tried really hard to bring the PSL to Quetta. We are confident in Quetta’s ability to host PSL 9 matches in a smooth and efficient manner. We intend to get things rolling promptly,” the official added.

A PCB official expressed optimism that some of the upcoming matches could be played in Peshawar.

The official stated, “We also want to hold some of the PSL 9 matches in Peshawar, in addition to Quetta.”

Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Rawalpindi will now host PSL 2023 matches beginning in February.