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‘RRR’ filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli: ‘I’m open to experimentation’

S.S. Rajamouli, director of RRR, is rapidly becoming one of Hollywood’s most lauded filmmakers.

“I think it is the dream of every filmmaker worldwide to make a film in Hollywood,” the Baahubali director told EW in an interview. “I am just like everyone else. My mind is receptive to new ideas and concepts.”

Nonetheless, he acknowledges that the choice is giving him anxiety “bit of a muddle, adding, “Back in India, I’m the dictator. When I make a movie, nobody tells me what to do.”

Hollywood heavyweights like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron have reportedly spoken highly of the director to EW.

To paraphrase the director, “I don’t have words to explain the kind of exhilaration that we are having,” and “It’s why I make films — to extract that kind of joy, to give that kind of joy to an audience.”

Rajamouli-starrer One of 2022’s biggest hits is RRR. Audiences and reviewers alike have praised the film.