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Russia says that Ukraine launched an attack on the Kremlin “to kill Putin.”

The state-run RIA news agency said on Wednesday that Russia thinks Ukraine tried to use a drone to attack the Kremlin in order to kill President Vladimir Putin.

“Two planes without people on board were pointed at the Kremlin. Because the military and secret services acted quickly and used radar warfare systems, the devices were turned off,” the report said.

“The President of the Russian Federation was not hurt by this act of terrorism. Putin’s press secretary said in a statement that Putin’s work plan has not changed; it is still the same as before.

Dmitry Peskov, the president’s spokesman, told RIA that Putin was not in the Kremlin when Ukrainian drones attacked. “He is working today at his home in Novo-Ogaryovo, which is close to Moscow. “On May 9, there will still be a parade on Red Square,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

Moscow saw what Kyiv did as a terrorist plot and an attempt to kill the president on the day before Victory Day and the May 9 parade.

The Russian side can reply to this attack whenever and wherever it wants, the RIA said.

The Kremlin didn’t show any proof of what was said to have happened, and its statement didn’t give many details.

According to Al Jazeera, an unverified video that was shared on Russian social media, including the channel of the military news outlet Zvezda, showed pale smoke rising behind the main Kremlin Palace in the walled fortress after the supposed event.

The video was shared early Wednesday morning on a group for people who live in a neighbourhood across the Moskva River from the Kremlin. It was then picked up by Russian media, including the Zvezda military news channel on Telegram.