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Taliban refuse to let women work and go to school.

A news source reported on Wednesday that Afghanistan turned down the request to let women work and go to school.

“The demand is interference in Afghanistan’s internal social affairs,” Taliban officials said.

Suhail Shaheen, the head of the Taliban’s Political Office, asked how the Doha meeting’s decision could be accepted or carried out if his government wasn’t involved.

This happened after a two-day meeting of the UN Security Council’s Taliban sanctions committee in Doha, Qatar, ended without the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan being officially recognised.

But the Taliban government was not invited to this meeting, which was attended by people from more than 20 countries and foreign organisations.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “Another meeting will be held in the future.” He called the meeting that just ended “important.”

When asked by a journalist if he would ever meet the Taliban face-to-face, Guterres, who led the meeting in question, said, “If the time is right, I won’t rule it out.”

China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Britain, the United States, Uzbekistan, the European Union, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation were among the countries that attended the meeting.

Reuters reported a day earlier that the committee had agreed to let Amir Khan Muttaqi, the foreign minister for the Taliban government, meet with foreign ministers and diplomats from China and Pakistan.

Muttaqi will go from Afghanistan to Pakistan, which is close by, for the meeting next week.

As a result of UN Security Council sanctions, the Afghan minister hasn’t been able to travel or buy weapons for a long time. His assets have also been frozen.

In a message to the 15-member Security Council Taliban sanctions committee, Pakistan’s UN mission asked for an exception so that Muttaqi could travel between May 6 and 9 to meet with the foreign ministers of Pakistan and China.