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“Technical error” makes India the top-ranked Test team on the ICC list

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has admitted that they made a mistake that put India at the top of the ICC Test rankings for men’s teams.

Australia is back at the top of the Test rankings after the ICC made a change. India is now in second place.

“The ICC admits that India was mistakenly shown as the No. 1 Test team on the ICC website for a short time on February 15, 2023, because of a technical glitch. We’re sorry for any trouble this may cause, “the ICC said as it posted a new list of rankings.

The most recent rankings. — ICC
The most recent rankings. — ICC
Australia will start the second Test against India in Delhi on Friday, January 17, as the top-ranked team with 126 rating points, 11 more than India, which has 115 rating points.

India won the first Test in Nagpur by an innings and 132 runs, and they are now trying to get to the final of the ICC World Test Championship in 2021-23.

With 88 rating points, Pakistan is in the sixth place. Before, a mistake showed that India had 115 points, while Australia only had 111.