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The government raises the price of petrol by Rs1.45 per litre again again.

The federal government has raised the price of petrol by Rs1.45 per litre again again, according to a notification from the Finance Division issued early Wednesday.According to the announcement, petrol will now be available for Rs237.43 per litre following the price revisions.

Initially, it was claimed that the price of petroleum products would fall from Rs235.98 per litre to Rs226.36 after a Rs9.62 per litre reduction from September 16 (Friday) for the next two weeks.

The revised petroleum prices were supposed to be disclosed on September 16, but the administration postponed the announcement.

According to reports, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) did not advise lowering petrol and diesel prices in its brief provided to the finance division.

According to the updated petroleum pricing for the month of September, the price of Light Speed Diesel (LSD) has dropped by Rs4.26 per litre, making it accessible for Rs197.28 per litre.

The price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) will, however, remain unchanged at Rs247.43 per litre.

According to the Finance Division’s statement, the price of Kerosene oil has been reduced to Rs8.30 per litre, after which it would be sold for Rs202.02 per litre.The higher prices will go into effect on September 21, according to the letter.