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This month, a beautiful blue dot can be seen in the sky. Here’s how to see it.

Vega is a star that is 150 trillion miles from Earth. During the month of May, its hypnotic blue light will light up the night sky.

As the fifth brightest star in our sky, Vega will rise earlier each day in the northern hemisphere and be below the horizon by the middle of the evening. It will be visible in the southern hemisphere for up to four hours after midnight. People who live in the middle of the north can see Vega in the early morning hours.

In popular culture, Vega is important because it is where an alien message comes from in the book and movie Contact. It is also known for being one of the three stars in the Summer Triangle, with Altair and Deneb.

Even though it is associated with summer, Vega can be seen for most of the year. In mid-northern latitudes, it is only below the horizon for about seven hours a day. But it stays hidden for a long time farther south, and it never goes down in places like Alaska, northern Canada, and most of Europe.

Vega is so bright that you can even see it with the human eye when the moon is out. Its importance is increased by the fact that it was the North Star in the past and is likely to be the North Star again in about 12,000 years.

Astronomers have been very interested in Vega and have found some very interesting things about it. It is thought to have an asteroid belt like the one in our solar system. This could mean that it has rocky worlds like Earth or Mars. Multiple planet systems have been found around many stars, including Vega. This means it’s likely that Jupiter-sized planets that haven’t been found yet are moving close by.

Overall, Vega’s brilliance and importance to science keep scientists interested as they continue to study its unique features and figure out the secrets of faraway solar systems.