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Who is Jack Teixeira, and how did US secrets get out?

After searching for days, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested on Thursday a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard who is thought to be behind the leak of secret US intelligence documents that showed up online.

Attorney General Merrick Garland told the public that Jack Teixeira, who is 21 years old, had been arrested.

It was said that the documents about the Ukraine war, how the US spies on friends and foes, and how the Israeli intelligence Mossad helps back anti-government protests at home were posted on Discord.

Attorney General Garland said that Jack Teixeira was arrested without any trouble and will be charged officially in federal court.

“This case is still being looked into. We’ll give you more information when it’s time.”

The US attorney’s office in Boston says that Teixeira will go to court for the first time on Friday.

CNN said that Teixeira is thought to be the leader of the group that posted the secret papers.

The search net included thousands of people who had access to classified information, but thanks to the forensic trail left by the person who shared documents on social media, the search was narrowed down by chat groups with evidence.

Officials say that the man was watched for at least two days before he was caught.

Jack Teixeira served in the U.S. Air Force.
The US Air Force shared information about Jack Teixeira’s service on Thursday. It said that he was an Airman 1st Class.

Teixeira joined the service in September 2019, and his job is to be a Cyber Transport Systems trainee. According to the US Air Force, it is the job of Cyber Transport Systems experts to make sure that the service’s “vast, global communications network” is “operating properly.”

The leaker worked at a military base, according to a story in the Washington Post on Wednesday. He gave the documents to a group of people he knew.

In the report, the person was described as a lonely young man who liked guns and was part of a chatroom on Discord with about two dozen other people who also liked guns and military gear. The Post interviewed the suspected leaker’s friend, who was also a member of the group where documents were shared.

Friends of the supposed leaker Teixeira told CNN, “He was very interested in the military, guns, and war. He sometimes wore camouflage to school, carried a gun book the size of a dictionary, and acted in a way that made some of his classmates nervous.

Brooke Cleathero, who went to middle school and high school with him, said, “Many people were afraid of him. He was more of a loner, and the fact that he was interested in war and guns turned off a lot of people.