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During Ramadan, Saudi Arabia offers good services to more than 1 million Umrah pilgrims.

ISLAMABAD—The Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday that the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques offered many of its high-quality services to the 1,048,600 Umrah tourists and visitors to the Grand Mosque who came during the month of Ramadan.

Visitors to the Grand Mosque were given 59,520 Zamzam water bottles and 10,700 booklets and handouts, as well as digital awareness training for 115,000 people, field awareness training for 170,000 people, and volunteer services for 240,896 people.

The Ramadan display at the Grand Mosque helped 6,188 people, and 2,471 people were helped while doing Tawaf (circumambulation). This was reported by SPA.

To keep things clean, 130,000 litres of disinfectants, 32,450 litres of carpet sanitizers, 33,425 litres of surface sterilisation, and 5,825 litres of sanitation water used by robots were used. Also given out were 5,975 litres of hand sanitizers and 5,765 litres of bio-care sterilisers.

Other services included giving 2,632 bracelets to younger visitors, giving social and humanitarian services to 81,601 beneficiaries, helping 4,850 people get services for the elderly and people with disabilities, giving 101,679 beneficiaries directions in different languages, and laying 35,000 carpets in the Grand Mosque.